chimney inspection diagram: cap/spark arrestor, crown, fule tiles, flashing, mantle, smoke chamber, damper, firebrick, fire box, ash container and hearth18 Point Inspection

If it has been several years since your last chimney inspection, you're probably overdue. In order to ensure the greatest level of security and efficiency to your fireplace, I will analyze the following: However, due to unknowns of solid masonry thickness through out the chimney's construction. These inspections are for your peace of mind that dangerous hazards (that are noticeable to a chimney expert) are not present. Therefore, please burn with caution and at your own risk.


  • Brickwork/Mortar
  • Chimney Cap/Spark Arrestor
  • Crown/Wash
  • Flashing
  • Flue Tiles
  • Optimal Height
  • Water Resistance


  • Ash Container
  • Damper
  • Firebox/Grate
  • Hearth Protection
  • Smoke Chamber
  • Spark Screen/Doors

Wood Stove

  • Approved Flue Connection
  • Factory Chimney
  • Installation/Thimble/Clearances
  • Stove Gasketing
  • Stove Pipe Condition